Establish & Encourage

Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan strives to create sustainable programming
& assist with club and program development.


CKS Strategic Plan Goals


Creation of new clubs

Creation of sustainable paddling programs around the province 

Creation of training centers for Tony Cote and NAIG games

Working partnerships with Provincial and National organizations


CKS is a Resource for Clubs

Assist clubs with recruitment and retention of paddlers 

Assist clubs with grant opportunities to continue growth

Assist clubs with annual and long term planning

Get Involved!

Become a CKS Club

“How-to-start-a-club” manual + tips and tricks for getting programs going in your area

Annual Planning & Grants

Information & Tips on Annual planning, setting long term goals, and information on grants to help support/build your programming

Adaptive Sport

Information on “Paddle-All” Programs and how to start an Adaptive program at your club

Heading on Holiday in SK? Check out which areas offer Paddling Equipment Rentals!

Churchill River Project

Information on the Churchill River Legacy Project and how to get involved

Coaching & Instructor Courses

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Regattas & Races

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Athlete Training/Camps

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