Celebrating Our Volunteers – Wascana Racing Canoe Club

Over the years there have been so many volunteers that have given their time and expertise to the Wascana Racing Canoe Club. We want to take this time to thank all individuals who have committed their time to our club.

Some members of the WRCC also wanted to recognize some key individuals who have volunteered over and above the call of duty!

Jerry Fense was our longest running Treasurer of over 10 years.  During that time Jerry did all the bookkeeping and was the registrar as well.  Jerry tracked work commitments and also was a avid regatta day volunteer.  Whether he was sorting bottles, working bingos or selling 50/50 Jerry always had a great attitude and a drive to make the club better.  Even after his two boys moved on from the sport, Jerry continues to volunteer at regattas and will be again volunteering at the Canadian National Championships.

Bob Kary has no kids involved at all however gives of his time freely, by helping with the race course installation and removal as well as various other projects around the club.  Was commodore of WRCC for a number of years and then moved on to provide his time on the CKS board.

Chris Laplante has kids have been out of the sport for about 4 years now, but still happily comes back and helps with regattas and race course work and is currently the co-chair of the nationals hosting committee. While his kids were involved he was commodore of the club and along with Bruce McLeod and Jerry Fense ensured things kept happening.

Teresa Laplante has been volunteering with the WRCC for over a decade as well.  Teresa is every single paddlers “paddling mom”.  Teresa has always been the one behind the scenes organizing trips, chaperones, events and so much more.  She often is coordinating lunches on regatta day as well as the canteen.  She is also our longest running whipper in.  Teresa is the glue that really held all our events and competitions together.  She is always cheering for her Wascana kids which is anyone wearing a Wascana blue.

Bruce McLeod, former Wascana commodore, was instrumental in bringing Nationals to Wascana back in 2006.  Since then, Nationals has returned in 2010, 2014 and again this year in 2019.  Bruce is a National Official and he worked tirelessly to build the club through events and facilities with the expansion of the canoe club and the building of the Canada Games room in 2005.  Even though his kids have long since moved on, Bruce still volunteers at big events.

Lee Millar has organized the canteen and volunteer center for all the regattas in Regina for the last three or four years and will be organizing the volunteer center for nationals providing meals for everyone over a 6 day period.

Thank you all Wascana Racing Canoe Club Volunteers through today and through the years for all your hard work and support! Our paddlers truly appreciate your dedication and passion for our sport!