Canoe Kayak Saskatchewan Athletes Pick up Hardware at Canada Day Regatta!

The following are Saskatchewan Canoe and Kayak athletes who placed in top 3 of the respective event at the 2019 Canada Day East Regatta hosted in Ottawa June 29 and 30th. Thank you to all athletes who participated int his event!

Men’s K1 1000m1st Colin Rieger (Saskatoon)
Men’s K1 1000m 3rd Mykel Kowaluk (Saskatoon)
Men’s K1 200m 2nd Mykel Kowaluk (Saskatoon)
Men’s K2 1000m 1st Colin Rieger, Mykel Kowaluk (Saskatoon)
Men’s K4 500m 3rd Simon Chambers Crease, Robin Kendall, Mykel Kowaluk, Colin Rieger
Men’s K2 200m 3rd Colin Rieger, Mykel Kowaluk (Saskatoon)
U16 K4 500m 3rd Landon Drain, Eric Fallas, Kyle Jackson, Logan Taylor
U18 C2 1000m 2nd Jayden Hingley, Christian Patterson (Wascana)
U18 C2 200m 2nd Jayden Hingley, Christian Patterson (Wascana)
U18 C1 200m 1st Jayden Hingley (Wascana)
Men’s C1 5000m 1st Robin Kendall, 2nd Christian Patterson (Wascana)
Men’s C1 1000m 1st Robin Kendall (Wascana)
Men’s C2 200m 1st Robin Kendall, Jayden Hingley (Wascana)