Paddle Sport Coordinator and Instructor / Coach

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Kistahpinanihk Canoe Club
Prince Albert
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Job Status: Filled
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Date Posted: April 10, 2019
Expiry Date: June 15, 2019
Job Type: Full Time
Job Level: Any
Years of Experience: 2
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Kistahpinanihk (kis-ta-pee-na-nik...The Cree word for “meeting place”) Canoe Club is hiring a May to August full time Paddle Sport Coordinator and Instructor / Coach.

Job Description:

  • To be in charge of the KPC Boat house and paddle sport equipment located at 7th Avenue – River Street West Prince Albert.
  • This will be a full time 40 hour / week position with the daily hours of employment to be determined subject to programming requirements.
  • To coordinate paddle sport programming for those KPC members interested.
  • To be responsible for the use, care and security of the KPC paddle sport equipment.
  • To collect membership forms and fees presented at the Boat House.
  • To actively instruct and coach paddle sport programming with a focus on:
  • Youth paddle sport programming, adults as well.
  • Recreational canoe and Kayak
  • Marathon canoe racing.
  • Sprint style canoe and kayak racing.
  • The person hired for this position will work with and under the direction of the KPC
    Executive’s Program Coordinator.

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